Navel Contemplation

We’ve nearly made it to the end of Movember. Some people like my ‘mo, others dislike it. I like my ‘mo. I’ve previously done the Chopper, the half Chopper and the 80s Air Force ‘mo, so this extended semi beard ‘mo combo is a good change. Also, my chin is getting annoyed with being shaved. It likes being the anchor of a goatee, not clean shaven.

Not sure if I will keep this mutant beard when Movember ends. I might see how I go and when I get annoyed with it, shave it back down to my normal goatee.

2013-11-29 08.29.18

It’s Movember and the time for change is now. As a part of Generation Mo, I’ve committed my face to the cause and will be growing a moustache for the entire month of November to raise funds and awareness for men’s health.

I’d like you to support me as I…

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