Empirical Leanings

South Africa was part of my everyday life in university. I have never been to South Africa. I have never met Mr. Mandela. And yet for much of my university career South Africa loomed large. And now, I find myself looking back, as many are doing, and thinking about what Mr. Mandela meant to the world and to them personally. Some, like a few US politicians and commentators with no understanding of history or substance, want to use him to proselytize their immediate goals (don’t get me started). Some, including politicians I find fairly distasteful and dictatorial, are suddenly talking about the great son of humanity while their people and freedoms continue to suffer.

I have never met Mr. Mandela. Yet, I am sad he is not part of this world. I am incredibly glad that he was part of this world. I have no need to expound on…

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