Eav Daily Tips

Since a couple of days, the EA Staff changed their ‘Getting Started’ procedure on Empire Avenue for newstarters!


What is changed ? :

New starters can make the decision themselves,  if they wish to start on the StockMarket >>>> ‘Social Market’ (correction made by Erik (e)MILIEUNET) or not!  So EAv created a moment for Newstarters to consider what TO DO after their initional Set UP, at that point they are NOT visible for the EA community.

As soon as they made some steps within the ‘Get Started’ Procedure, they can choose to became active on the  ‘Social Market’ … With other words: From that point, if they choose to became active, Other EAv members will see these Newstarters on the ‘Recent Starters List’ >> http://www.empireavenue.com/stockmarket/recent

If they decide NOT to start directly on the  ‘Social Market’ , Nobody will see them.

Based on this last changes, I will also…

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